Tuesday, June 18, 2013

college Closet Essentials 1) Baseball hats 2)Pearls Earrings 3)Aviator Sunglasses 4)Vests 5)Shep Shirts 6)Pullover 7)Barbour Jacket 8)Longchamp bag 9)Wristlet 10)Tote 11)Scarves 12)Large t-shirts 13)Norts 14)Yoga Pants 15)Leggings 16)Rainbows 17)Jack Rodgers 18)Black flats 19)Ugg boots 20)Bean boots 21)Cowboy boots 22)Riding boots 23)Rain boots(Hunter)

Color Psychology: Make-up for your eyes
And you only have a couple of seconds to make a great impression! Color Psychology can help you choose the make up to use in order to get the right impression. Do you want to nail that job interview? Make quick progress on a first date? Prove to...

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